Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just like everyone else I haven’t blogged for a while, probably because I’m swayed by the same fashion trends as everyone else. Blogging was never cool and now it’s not popular. This is a pity because I like it; it’s a lot like talking but without interruption and it provides endless distraction from more important things.
I’m back at Uni now after a fairly climbing heavy summer. It was good. I climbed a real 8b. I was reminded about this, and that I’d like to blog about it, by my course. I’ve not quite put my finger on what it is but I think the appeal Climbing and Philosophy hold are very similar deep down. I don’t mean all that waffle about one finding their self whilst on the sharp end of a scary lead, more something to do with the fascination they both hold with children. From a younger cousin asking me what the opposite of a parrot is to tree climbing. I think both climbing and philosophy are perceived as adult pursuits but really it’s probably children who could make the most of them. Maybe this is some form of overpriced alternative schooling in the making...
Similarly I have some parallels I’ve drawn between the greats in either field, for instance Wittgenstein and Jerry. Wittgenstein was arguably the greatest analytic philosopher of the 20th C (parallel 1). After training as an aeronautical engineer he saw firsthand the conceptual difficulties at the root of mathematics and realised his calling, travelling to work with Bertrand Russell in Cambridge. Getting straight to work on the fundamental problem of post-Cartesian philosophy; seeking to link mind and world. From this his mechanical background was evident in his method of philosophy (parallel 2), Wittgenstein saw the need for a logically perfect language free from ambiguity to unravel the ‘knot’ philosophers had tied themselves in. This was the main thesis of his Tractatus, written whilst held captive as a prisoner of war at the end of WW1. Most critically, after publishing the Tractatus Logico Philosophicus Wittgenstein retired from philosophy, to become a teacher (though his temperament was not suited to this), a gardener and an Architects assistant, having considered himself to have solved all the major philosophical problems (what a Jerry attitude to have- parallel 3) although he did come out of retirement on realising the stir his masterwork had caused. Returning to Cambridge he openly doubted that Russell, his professor, would ever understand his work. What a guy!
Reading about this today made me think of Jerry, and then Buoux 8c, and then the Buoux of the north- Birnam! New rule that’ll never catch on, you have to chant ‘Tabou-zizi’ three times at the rest on Hurly Burly. In fact the day I did it I had ‘HurlyBurly HurlyBurly HurlyBurly HurlyBurly -8bee8bee8bee8bee’ stuck in my head to the tune of the ‘Tabou-zizi’ music in Buoux 8c. Anyway it’s not 8c- new goal to aim for. But which one? Agincourt looks a tweaky logistical nightmare. Wall street looks like filth. I’m not driving to the tor. I guess ‘Powerplay’ it is, though I have no idea how realistic this is.... Another few years of blogging accounted for then. I’m building a campus board in my room right now.