Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tick List

Everyone likes a good list and I think telling people what you’re going to do makes it more likely you’ll do it so here goes:
March- Scottish Winter V (conditions dependent)
Purely Belter, v11 (ha) at Shaftoe and my silly dreamt up link up in the Bowden cave (MOT and weather dependent)
April- 3rd-10th week at Malham: MAGNETIC FIELDS , 8b (no excuses)
12th-20th Font: Salle Gosse, Berezina, etc, try some 8’s (girlfriend dependent- she thinks we’re going to Paris)
May- Exams and training for June
June- Euro trip- either Frankenjura to redpoint Vogeln Verboten (7c+/8a) and Boiling Point (8b) or southern France/ Northern Spain to onsight 7c+/flash 8a
12th-20th Pabbay and Mingulay- Onsight the Bonxie (E6) and do the famous classics