Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Market is a Prison" - Lindbolm

I have a fact I have 2! The dictionary describes a bag as 'a container made of soft material with an opening at the top, for carrying things' so if you've ever needed to carry anything, ever, especially up a mountain, read on.

I have a brand new, perfect condition, state of the art Berghaus Arete 35l cragging pack in a supremely fine looking 'Blaze' reddy orange. I got it for free and don't need it. It RRPs at 45quid but I'm sure you can get it cheaper so how about 25quid ono. If you have any sense you'll call me right away on 07816349379. Don't be a schmuck-get a bag.

they say...

Berghaus Arete 35 in Blaze Red

Our famous Arete in a new design and with improved features. A versatile sac, big enough for hut to hut routes, designed for cragging and rock routes where you plan to be out for the day.
Fusion 2 back system: Close to the back, stable back system with non absorbent thermo moulded back panels
Top lid pocket
Two wand pockets for bottles etc
Ice axe holders
Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps
Reflective print for safety
Multiple webbing attachment points
Gear loops
Grab handle
Bivi draw cord
Rope compression strap
Side compression straps
Top tension straps with 2 take-off points
Hydration reservoir pocket that can hold a 3.0 L pouch (pouch not included)
Height adjustable, removable elasticated chest strap
Emergency whistle integrated in chest strap buckle
SOS safety instructions underneath lid
Hip belt
Weight: 1.14 kg

RRP-45quid but I'm sure you can get it cheaper than that so let's say £25 ono?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wall Life: Alien Rock 2’s very own gossip column!

As the east coast of Scotland’s premier blogger I’ve decided to appoint myself area correspondent for the hub of hardcore that is Alien 2. Here we go...
First up injured super geek turned world’s sexiest man, Mike Mullins, has finally had a good run. A couple of months back he unofficially broke the dyno world record ironically at the dyno world championships but unfortunately after time had been called. Next year Mike! He followed this up with a successful trip to magic wood in Switzerland culminating in two font8a’s. I reckon he’s one to watch out for especially as he’s now finished uni and is looking to be a climbing bum for a while.
Also fresh back from Switzerland is Sam Bartrum. The main news he had to report to me was “almost doing 1-4-7”. Unfortunately this once benchmark v10 burl-fest has reportedly gotten easier since hold and angle tampering. You’ll get there one day Sam!
Next up the Kampus King- Garry Vincent. Garry has been piloting a new weight loss program; the pills and pastry diet. Each time I see Garry he’s raving about how he’s the lightest he’s ever been but on massive comedown and has just been eating pies from the bakery. I’ve got to say he wasn’t really too healthy looking and he had a bit of a tubby midriff. I suspect he was simply dehydrated. Today however he was back to looking ripped and he told me he sent Sabotage (font8a+) and was falling off the last move of Sanction(font8b). I suppose the moral of all this is take drugs but don’t give up on vitamins!?
In a similar vein Conan Henderson, A2’s own Amy Winehouse, has checked out of rehab and is back to cranking. He even went outside the other day!
And this brings me to one of A2’s deepest mysteries. How the prince of plastic, Mark McQuade, has such a good tan??? There are rumours that he was sighted outside at Dumbarton the other day but we all know that the sun doesn’t shine there!
In other news Niall McNair got married so we won’t be expecting much more from him. You had a good run Niall!
Things at 23 Lutton Place have gone a bit softcore lately. Dan was successful on some new thousand meter boulder problems in Greenland but has since fallen in love and gone soft. Sarah is more stressed than usual as she has exams so isn’t climbing. Who would be a medic? The other hard working clean liver in the flat (Sam Clarke) is experiencing his annual finger injury and is out of the game. Maybe soon those pretenders in Glasgow will be able to genuinely call themselves ‘THE climbing flat’ without a nervous, empty feeling in their stomachs.