Friday, February 08, 2008

Day in the County

Felt absolutely spent yesterday after my epic in glen coe, so much so that I didn't even train.... well I tried to but my back cramped up just hanging off my pull up bar so I decided to have the day off. I got up today feeling well rested and drove to Kyloe In to try the sitstarts. Hitchhikers made my fingers feel like they were going to explode and Yorkshiremen ss just felt hard (but I'll be back) so after an hour or so I headed to Bowden having heard a rumour that the cave pond had been drained. Managed an Andy Earl problem called sprung which originally got v11 but has setled down to a much more do-able v9/10. I was really chuffed and surprised to send sprung for a number of reasons.
A. It’s hard.
B. It should hurt my finger but it didn’t.
C. I’ve been training endurance lately.
On a more personal note, even though I have tried it before sporadically, it felt for me like I sent it in one session. Even though it wasn’t actually in a session, had it been, it would definitely be the hardest problem I had done in a session by a fair margin. I hope all that makes some sense.
Finished by flashing the hard bit of undertow and going home for some weights. Good day.

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alpinedreamer said...

Good for you Sam. I like your new student lifestyle ;-) I wish I'd spent more time doing stuff and less time studying!