Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It’s been I while since I last posted anything on here, basically because I’ve not managed anything. In fact this whole year, with the exception of In Bloom, has been awful for getting up stuff. Today on the phone to Common Ross I realised that the highlights for me have almost entirely been people I consider good failing on stuff I’ve done. Since I stopped improving I’ve been forced to will others off to feel adequate. This would all be fine but I fear these people will/would manage these things given another chance and so unfortunately I’m going to have to get stronger.
Actually I am getting stronger and better it’s just things (mostly) out of my control keep screwing with my plans. For instance I just took 12 days off work. I took the 12 worst days of the year off. Today was nice-yeah it was my first day back. My first day back at my minimum wage job with no perks. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I did get out once! Once in what was meant to be 12 days solid climbing. Oh and that day out was the worst day out of my life. I went to Kilnsey where my project was wet so I got on Grooved Arete, a route I’d said would go quickly after my five minutes on it last year. Yeah well it’s pretty hard. After I gave Ed quick belay on Comedy but he was finding the high crux tricky so I kindly offered to put the clips in for him. I asked a friendly looking twit if I could borrow his stick clip to pull the rope- SOME STICK CLIP!!! It could barely support its own weight and so when I tried to pull the rope I bent his stick, oops. THIRTY QUID!!! Its just a glorified bamboo cane you baboon. Despite swearing to Ed et al that when he called up I’d tell him to get fucked, when he actually called up I just agreed and paid the money. At least he sent me a thank you text. It read “Thanks Sam , no hard feelings, best of luck with comedy when you make your return trip”. Best of luck with comedy??? Cheeky twat
Anyway my endurance training was going great! At least my trip to Ceuse was going to be amazing. Yeah, if I hadn’t forgotten to renew my passport. Not that I have the money anyway. Furthermore girls hate me.