Monday, July 16, 2007

The Darkness Beckons

Now that I'm nearly through my couple of weeks off for the finger injury, I'm starting to get excited about going climbing again. Everyone seems to disagree with me on this one but i reckon going bouldering is probably the best option as i'll be able to pick the moves i'm doing more easily than on routes. Unfortunately it's mid summer, it's wet; not ideal conditions,and just as i start climbing again I'll be back to work. Not to worry. I'm going to get into my summer night bouldering(might have to get a big group-kyloe could be scary at night)! The video is probably a bad example of how to push your grade as a lot of booze had been consumed and, well, you can't see very much but this IS footage of Matt of Penrith doing his first 7a in font.

1 comment:

donald said...

hey sam its donald from ceuse

down in edinburgh for freshers week - you here?
where's the secret training cave?

need to get in touch for some plastic-pulling, and some general pulling sounds good too!